Click and collect pastry shop located in the heart of the village of Mons en Pévèle. I work as much as possible directly with the producers to allow them to fix the price that allows them to live from their work, I follow the seasonality and I take particular care with the method of culture/production (organic or reasoned label, organic free range for eggs, no bleaching of nuts, …). I do not use any coloring agents or flavors. The chocolates used are organic and fair trade.

What are the targets?

My customers are concerned about the origin of the raw materials and their mode of cultivation/production. They want to consume from local producers. I radiate to 15 km, my customers are from the village or villages around.

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

I offer pastries without processed ingredients, I work with raw ingredients, so there are fewer additives, less hidden sugars in my products. The fruits are picked in season and “transformed” to be preserved as long as possible (candied citrus fruits, apples and pears in compotes, blackcurrants, raspberries in puree to be frozen). Click and collect limits waste while offering a local service


Entrepreneur who grew up in the Pévèle region, I converted to offer pastries and cookies in Mons en Pévèle. I propose a card of products evolving according to the season. The products are to be ordered on the site and to be withdrawn directly to the laboratory.
To allow the inhabitants of the Pévèle to have access to quality products and to value the producers who supply me.