Hauts-de-France, European Region of Gastronomy

Let’s reveal the culinary identity of Hauts-de-France

Let’s reveal the culinary identity of Hauts-de-France

© Félix Robert – Arborescence

© Félix Robert – Arborescence

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In 2023, gastronomy will be honored by a bubbling, creative event program accessible to all, residents and visitors, with the key objectives of revealing the culinary identity of Hauts-de-France and making its inhabitants proud!

Hauts-de-France Gastronomy is

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Committed projects

The Hauts-de-France – European Region of Gastronomy 2023 invites us to discover multiple initiatives to eat better in Hauts-de-France and explore the diversity of our territory with unsuspected riches.

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Farmhouse picnics

Committed networkEducationSustainable tourismVirtuous production

Boulogne-sur-mer, la mer en direct

You too

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Together, let’s reveal the culinary identity of Hauts-de-France!

Do you have the ambition to promote the gastronomy of Hauts-de-France to locals and visitors? Are you in a process of raising awareness and transmitting regional cultural and culinary heritage to younger generations?

Become an ambassador for Hauts-de-France gastronomy by submitting your project or event!