Where to find local products

Where to find

local products

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So that you can discover, rediscover and enjoy the richness of our region, here is a small list of very useful sites that will help you find local products, close to home for a healthy and responsible diet.

Où acheter local

The site of the producers of Hauts-de-France! Indicate your town or the products you are looking for and find your happiness easily. You can even sort the products by labels, practical!


All the culinary and agricultural wealth of Hauts-de-France at your fingertips. See the region differently, thanks to its variety of quality products.

Goûtez la qualité

Come and discover the diversity of products under official quality signs in the Hauts-de-France region

Délices des Hauts-de-France

Délices des

Discover the gastronomic wealth of the Hauts-de-France region! You will be accompanied by all kinds of anecdotes, gourmet recipes and testimonies of chefs or best workers of France.