Our committed ambassadors


Our committed ambassadors

who carry the values of the Hauts-de-France gastronomy loud and clear

© Jackie Masse – Restaurant la Terrasse à Fort-Mahon – Michael Lachant

Every day, our ambassadors work to make gastronomy more local, more sustainable in a joyful and voluntary way! This approach allows them to transmit their values and to promote our region of Hauts-de-France.

Some testimonials from our ambassadors

As an estaminet, one of the symbols of the gastronomy and the warm atmosphere of the North, I wish to promote the knowledge to make of our area, and I register in full in the whole of the elements of the charter (fresh products, local, cordial reception…).
Hubert Tacquet, Estaminet le Pot Flamand
I would like to become an ambassador of gastronomy in Hauts-de-France because I attach a lot of importance to my region and to the culinary universe that surrounds it. The region is now taking an important place on the culinary scene thanks to its chefs and its committed companies.
Inès Millet, Photographer and culinary stylist at Clichés de saveurs
Living in the Hauts-de-France for 50 years, my friends often ask me to find a good table, a good address for a walk or an outing.
I love to help people discover the region, especially through the prism of gastronomy which brings together all generations.
I am a convinced locavore who likes to cook for his family and friends!
Jean-Marc Piatek, Locavore
40 years of life in the Hauts-de-France (out of 40 years of life) make me deeply in love with my region and its soil. […] I work with many partners who share the same values as me and the same love of our land. Our region has so much to offer that it would be an honor for me to be an ambassador for the year 2023 of “Hauts-de-France, European Region of Gastronomy”.
Jean Driège, Chef at home
We defend daily the territory of Hauts-de-France, by highlighting our craftsmen, market gardeners, breeders, cheese makers, herbs pickers … sublimating their products from vegetables, poultry, herbs to seafood.
All of this is combined with our identity, which is based on smoking with mezquite wood, as well as seasoning, sauce and pre-Hispanic technique and Mexican influence.
Julien Szyndler, Chef of the restaurant Mezquité
It is important to open young people to these values! But to do so, we must first of all defend them and put them forward.
One of our projects, with one of our classes, is to put forward the products and producers of the Hauts-de-France.
Marianne Dufour, Teacher at the Lycée Lavoisier in Roubaix
As a Caterer and Reception Organizer, we have at heart to honor the gastronomy of our beautiful region and the know-how of our local producers.
Julien Bresson, Director at Maison Lecocq
Epicurean and manager of a delicatessen that promotes local products, cheese shop with a large selection of local regional and French cheese. My wish is to bring to the customers and inhabitants of our region the local products, to put in link the producers and the consumers.
Gwenaëlle Gallet, Manager of the Cocotte grocery store
Because for 4 years in our restaurant Au Gré des Sens in Rosult (59230), we have been committed to the development of French and regional gastronomy as well as an eco-responsible approach by proposing only 100% homemade dishes favoring short and organic circuits.
Virginie Hianne, Restaurant Au Gré des Sens

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