Our starting point was an observation: sourcing local, committed produce is a real headache.
Market gardeners and other small-scale producers don’t necessarily have the time to deliver their produce. As for food professionals, the problem is the same: despite a desire to source as well as possible, there’s just not enough time!
That’s how Entraid’Union was born, to offer a short-distance supply solution for food professionals in the Lille area.
Today, we’re proud to work with some thirty farms selected for their commitment to the land, and some fifty food professionals.
Entraid’Union is more than an intermediary: we aim to be an “intermediary”. Through farm visits and other events, we enable food professionals to meet and exchange ideas on the practices of tomorrow.

What are the targets?

Small and medium-sized farmers and food professionals

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Our mission is to enable local producers involved in sustainable agriculture to make a fair living from their work.
In this way, we aim to ensure that the Lille metropolitan area retains its committed farmers.
What’s more, thanks to our solution, kitchens can receive their produce less than 24 hours (!) after harvesting, without having to go into cold storage. This enables us to guarantee our customers and their consumers better food preservation and the true taste of fruit and vegetables. Vegetables picked when ripe offer optimal taste and nutritional value.
The polyculture/permaculture work of some of our partners also enables us to offer forgotten vegetables and a varied range, whatever the time of year. It’s an effortless way for kitchens to choose only products from committed, local, seasonal agriculture.


Entraid’Union offers a short-distance supply solution for food professionals in the Lille area.
Today, Entraid’Union employs three people and has ESUS (social utility enterprise) accreditation.
The company has been hosted by the Lomme horticultural school for 3 years.