The “European gastronomy region” label rewards territories that undertake multiple projects to promote their cultural identity and their gastronomy, that demonstrate a willingness to make inhabitants and learners aware of the value of what they eat and of local products, and that innovate to protect their productions and their know-how.

This label is awarded by a jury of independent and international experts chosen by the board of IGCAT, the NGO that leads this process on behalf of the European institutions.

The award is an opportunity for the territories that apply to work on a common diagnosis and to write shared objectives with a maximum number of stakeholders. In this respect, the label is a territorial marketing approach that seeks to help territories and food stakeholders progress in order to meet the food challenges of tomorrow. Gastronomy supports the influence and attractiveness of the territory, the creation of sustainable values for stakeholders and the anchoring of target audiences.

Obtaining the label facilitates exchanges between sectors (public, private, academic, individuals) of other regions that face similar challenges, sometimes compartmentalized, reinforces local cohesion and nourishes the feeling of pride. It relies on an international exchange platform that allows learning from other labeled regions facing similar challenges.

The Label also provides international credibility and access to special funding.