The story of Ferm Fabrik begins in 2020, thanks to two farmer friends from the Hauts-de-France region who have the desire to sublimate the products of our countryside.
Pierre-Louis has been growing cereals for several generations in sustainable agriculture on the Ferm near Saint-Quentin (02) and then makes them even more crunchy in the Aperitif Fabrik! All without frying, without coloring, without artificial flavors and always very greedy!
And thus to propose you the first chips of Picardy wheat.
Ferm Fabrik is a young food company which controls its product from the production of the raw material to the distribution (in the stores of producers & the delicatessens). We try to combine good food with coherent choices for our region (supply, production, distribution…)

What are the targets?

All consumers and aperitif lovers! Today we are distributed in BtoB to producers’ stores, delicatessens, wineries, butchers, cheese shops and some bars or restaurants.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

To produce our wheat chips, we use a technology without frying or fat (the chips are “popped”). We therefore offer an appetizer cookie that is 70% less fatty and 20% lower in calories than a traditional potato chip (we are Nutri Score A!)
We control the whole circuit of our product, from the cultivation of the raw material (wheat) to the distribution, including the choice of our suppliers (spices, packaging) that we favor the most local possible.)


Staff : 5 (2 associates, 1 trainee, 2 operators)
Production : Itancourt
Offices : MIN de Lomme