Jeorges is the will to find here what we are used to find at the end of the world… Through local quality products, cultivated by the farmers of our region, Jeorges has elaborated with passion and in the respect of the French craft industry, simple, tasty and eco-responsible recipes.

What are the targets?

Our products are aimed at all those who want to make a small gesture for the planet while indulging themselves, “from one break to another”, by consuming a local hot drink.

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Our ingredients are sourced in the Hauts de France to avoid their carbon footprint as much as possible. We save at least 8500 km compared to coffee, for example.
In addition, our drink has great antioxidant properties, is rich in fiber, digestive and caffeine free!


SARL created in 2021, our partners are as well the grocery stores as the cultural places, while passing by the CHR.