The Hauts Pays Pork, an exceptional meat, rich in OMEGA 3
The feed is the central point of the quality of our pigs! Most of the feed is made on the farm from the noble cereals harvested by our farmers during the harvest. Our farmers produce: wheat, barley, corn, peas, beet pulp…
The ration is enriched with 4% flax seeds, naturally rich in omega 3, which ensure a soft meat.
Our pigs are born, fattened and slaughtered in the Hauts de France.
The appellation ” Le Porc des Hauts Pays “, with our logo, guarantees the traceability until the window of the member craftsman, guarantee of quality for the consumers.
Today, 200 craftsmen work with our quality meat!

What are the targets?

Consumers, butchers and caterers, restaurant owners

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Through our association, we promote our local and quality industry. Between events, charcuterie competitions, and recipes with local chefs, we are keen to show that “Porc des Hauts Pays” meat has its place on our consumers’ plates.
Rich in Omega 3, the meat of the “Porc des Hauts Pays” has an exceptional flavor, with a little taste of hazelnut. Our pork is renowned for its tenderness and its exceptional resistance during cooking. It does not lose water and remains soft.
Why Omega 3 ? A contribution in omega 3 is beneficial for health. They act in prevention and contribute to reduce the risks of diseases (heart attack, cholesterol, heart, arteries…).

Association “Le Porc des Hauts Pays”

On May 20, 1996, a group of breeders and butchers created the Association “Le Porc des Hauts Pays”, a local network reserved exclusively for artisan butchers and caterers. Today, our network is open to restaurant owners!
The goal of the association is to ensure the promotion and development of this beautiful sector composed of men and women passionate about their work.