Samuel, a committed restaurateur since March 2015, whether in street food, or traditional catering. I have always worked with and promoted local artisans.
We want to show our customers that our beautiful region has quality craftsmen. With a know-how that must be perpetuated. For example, in our meat restaurant, “les bouchers bien élevés” we offer our customers exclusively meat from the Hauts-de-France.

What are the targets?

Clients, tourists

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Working in short circuit, highlighting the artisans with whom we work daily. Demonstrate to customers that eating well rhymes with actors from the HDF. And that obviously we must eat less meat, but of quality, and be concerned about the origin.
To have a locavore menu, home-made.
Highlighting our breeders, who work in a virtuous way, and care about animal welfare. For example Samuel Fouillard in Soissons, who in his family farm raises with passion cattle of rustic races.
The majority of the herd is composed of Angus and Salers, he crosses these two breeds of cows to make “Salangus”. He favors raising the animals in the open air and with a diet based essentially on grass. The Angus is easy to produce juicy and marbled meat while respecting the environment.
Explaining this to the customer, allows to sensitize them, and especially to make them discover the actors of talents of our beautiful region.

Les bouchers bien élevés / Sam’Régal

Restaurant of matured meats where only local meats from local breeders are offered. Of course we also work with vegetables, also from the region.