The creation of new products is a major challenge for companies wishing to meet the changing demands of the market. But developing a product line requires a human and financial investment. It is therefore necessary to know your market well before taking the plunge.
But what are the trends, behaviors and expectations of consumers in terms of food?
To answer this question, Clubster NSL, Eurasanté, JUNIA ISA and CERTIA Interface have decided to join forces in the Observatory of Food Consumption Trends project in the MEL. In response to the Call for Expressions of Interest “From Fork to Fork” launched by the MEL, this study will be based on a watch on food trends via the FOODCREATIV competition, combined with the development of qualitative and quantitative consumer studies.
The objective? To put the inhabitants of the MEL back in the driver’s seat of the food supply and the innovations of tomorrow.

What are the targets?

Economic and institutional actors of the MEL territory

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

For local institutional actors such as the MEL, the project could serve as a tool to measure the impact or the adequacy of dietary behaviors with the messages and tools for promoting health through food and generate possible recommendations.
For companies, the added value will lie in the access to new resources (emerging trends, new testing methods, specific consumer panels,…) to test their products and adapt them.

Clubster NSL

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