My name is Gauthier Poiret and my sister Lily Rose Poiret, we are currently apprenticed in Avize in the Marne in Viti-Oenology
Our project is to plant vines in the 7 Valleys area, to proceed to the wine making and of course to the sale.
Thus in the cellars of the Domain, time is no longer a unit of measurement but simply patience.
The alcohols mature at their own pace, developing their aromas that will caress the mouth of the person who will hold the nectar in his glass!

What are the targets?

Epicureans in love with the land

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Currently the wine has been put aside on our land, by our knowledge we will bring a young touch in a non-existent vineyard, highlighting the richness of a wine from Pas de Calais on the tables of restaurants

Domaine Poiret

Future vineyard with Young Future Winemakers!