With vitaminherb we make available to all gourmet and healthy food lovers, whether professionals or amateurs, a large collection of rare aromatic plants from the 4 corners of the globe acclimatized to our latitudes.
The authentic and original flavors, the power and the benefits of our plants open a field of possibilities without limits for all the cooks in search of quality plants born and cultivated locally in the heart of the Lille metropolis under unheated greenhouses in the greatest respect of nature and the seasons.

What are the targets?

Professional and private chefs and mixologists

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

With vitaminherb, we rehabilitate an old greenhouse of horticultural production in a pilot place in the Hauts de France of production of rare aromatic plants according to traditional methods and respectful of the plants and the environment.
Our production is in line with the current food trends towards eating well where gustatory pleasure, health and responsible consumption thanks to plants are combined for a simple, affordable, healthy and full of flavors cuisine.
Thanks to our innovative service of providing plants in ready-to-harvest pots, chefs have a wide range of natural flavors at their disposal every week with a local, traceable and living product that they harvest as they need it, without waste and waste. Their customers, who are also our customers, benefit from all the advantages of these ultra-fresh and 100% natural ingredients.


vitaminherb produces locally and markets directly to catering professionals and individuals a wide range of rare aromatic plants in pots.