Built on the foundations of the city’s former Benedictine abbey, the VIVAT brewery bears a proud brewing heritage. Destroyed, rebuilt, then abandoned for 75 years, it was saved in 2000 and it is in 2004 that the first drops of VIVAT are released, giving a new dynamic to the site. The beer is made in open fermentation tanks allowing the hops to release all their aromas perfectly.
Open to visitors, the brewery is a real place of life and conviviality, like a living open-air museum, accessible to all, where tradition and innovation reign in harmony.
The restaurant installed in the old malthouse allows you to taste our beers around a regional, fresh and local dish. The project is to keep alive a place rich in history, to continue to renovate it into a place of welcome and sharing by promoting our regional know-how.

What are the targets?

Our customers are the inhabitants of Hauts-de-France, new tourists discovering our region and more and more foreign customers.

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Assuming our history, we believe that we must move forward anchored in our territory, that’s why we are increasingly linking new partnerships around us: producer of hops certified BIO, feeding the restaurant by local producers (producers of goat cheese, andouillette, fish, …).
Also we regularly create events such as fairs and markets allowing local actors to come and present themselves in an unusual site.

Vivat Brewery

The VIVAT brewery is unique in its kind, by its architecture, its size, its history…
VIVAT beer evolves in top fermentation, which means that the yeasts migrate to the surface of the brew, forming a scum deposit. VIVAT beers have the particularity of fermenting in open tanks. These tanks allow our brewers to gently remove the yeast layer by traditional skimming with a shovel, in order to keep only the best and give it a unique taste.