Amiens is an appetizing member of the European Region of Gastronomy, based on three key elements:

  • The land and the seasons, of which the hortillonnages are one of the emblems;
  • Creativity and inventiveness, embodied yesterday by Jules Verne, today by our chefs;
  • Conviviality and generosity which characterize the art of living in Amiens.

Our goal ? To give pleasure to those who like to eat, to those who make food, and to those who like those who make food, by reinventing our culinary repertoire.
Thus, in 2023, we invite the world to an ideal meal, with extraordinary meals in the hortillonnages, popular picnics in the Parc Saint-Pierre, vegetal street food, great chefs in the canteen, a meeting on the gastronomy of tomorrow, gourmet guided tours…

What are the targets?

residents / visitors / enthusiasts / professionals / youth

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

With our partners, we are going to celebrate the art of living in the Amiens region between gastronomy and agriculture, creation and tradition, excellence and generosity.
To do this, we will mobilize the actors of local gastronomy, in the broadest sense: visitors and inhabitants, associations, training centers and hotel colleges, universities and schools, gourmet restaurants, bistros, cafés and brasseries, farmers, craftsmen and SMEs, consular chambers and unions, public partners, tour guides, journalists…
The idea is to make gastronomy an integral part of our attractiveness strategy, and to ensure that it benefits everyone.
Indeed, our approach is also in line with the dynamics of our Territorial Food Project, with challenges in terms of local supply, training, eating better…

Office de Tourisme et des Congrès d’Amiens Métropole

The Tourist Office develops the Amiens offer, promotes it and welcomes visitors.