The Aquanord marine farm was created 40 years ago to raise sea bass and sea bream in a very innovative way. Over the years, it has become a premium reference in Europe. Its production system allows it to raise high quality fish, with very high water flow rates, a sustainable GMO-free feed, and complete control from the egg to the 2kg fish. Its geographical location allows it to offer the freshest sea bass and sea bream on the market.

What are the targets?

Gastronomic restaurants, fishmongers, and mass distribution

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Aquaculture is nowadays an important part of the fish offer. Promoting a product anchored in its territory, premium and French, is the mantra of Aquanord. We must make consumers and restaurant owners discover that it is possible to eat quality farmed fish, raised near their homes.


Aquanord is an aquaculture farm that has been raising sea bass and sea bream in Gravelines for 40 years. This farm is a member of the French group Gloria Maris, specialist in premium fish farming. The farm now produces 1800T of fish per year, on the banks of the North Sea. Its speciality is to offer a permanent range of 300g to 2kg of premium, French and sustainable sea bass and sea bream.