After taking over the family farm, Samuel and his brother decided to develop the breeding business with one watchword: quality. On their farm located in the Aisne region near Soissons, they chose to crossbreed Salers and Angus cattle. These rustic breeds will give a nicely marbled meat, a fine grain of meat and a beautiful tenderness.

What are the targets?

We are proud to work with artisan butchers and restaurateurs who care about the work of the breeders and animal welfare.

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

We favour free-range farming with a diet based essentially on grass. To make good meat, you need good grass. This is why we have set up the grazing of plant cover. This allows the animals to enjoy their grass ration all year round. We also produce beet which is an ideal feed supplement.
We offer high quality products. The meat is marbled and can be matured, which gives it even more flavor.

Aux Pâturages

The company Aux Pâturages allows us to market the meat from our farm directly to professionals.