We don’t know the bread we buy, but industrial bakeries are flourishing in our cities. The bread we eat is often of poor quality for our health so let’s react by creating in simplicity and good humor at La Thélèma, an artistic place. It will be a question of flour, leaven, recipes … Let us ALL sit around a table to become aware by acting and tasting. Let’s put bread back to its rightful value in our daily life and our gustatory balance. During several events at La Thélèma in Boulogne sur Mer… come, smell, weigh, listen, watch, a whole story of curious discovery and health.

There is nothing better to understand what a good bread is than to meet local actors, recognized chefs, local producers, high quality cereals in order to discover the chain that goes from the farmer’s act to that of the artisan baker and then to the chef who, like everyone else, will use sourdough bread but will make us take a step aside from our certainties and habits. From the bread it will be a question of cooking and creating new recipes and sublimating our local products (cheeses, fish, vegetables..)
At La Thélèma, a gîte shaped by artistic experiences, the association VillArt will initiate evenings/tastings/meetings with local actors already on Tuesdays 16, 23, 30 MAY.
It can also be a tourist offer around the culinary course after these dates with professionals sharing these values.

What are the targets?

Professionals, tourists, consumers concerned about the quality of bread, its inputs and curious about new experiences.

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?
  • Maintain the French heritage around the quality of bread in the face of junk food
  • Use bread as a substitute for products that are too fatty or too sweet in traditional or new recipes
  • Bread, a healthy product that can meet the need for a varied diet even in fast food conditions.
  • Promote networking and the valorisation of professionals entering in this approach and encourage people to change their daily practices for a healthy diet.
  • To become aware of the Earth as an essential source of our balance.

Association VillArt

Association promoting art in the city