Commitment charter

We support the “European Region of Gastronomy, Hauts-de-France 2023”, and we are committed to :

Promoting our culinary heritage, our regional products, our know-how, but also the spirit of Hauts-de-France, that of generosity, conviviality and hospitality.

Being an actor in the changes in the food sector by developing sustainability, by fostering the use of local products, by raising interest in authentic and innovative experiences.

Endorsing and promoting the principles and values related to the « European Region of Gastronomy, Hauts-de-France awarded 2023 » label in our activities and events (Produce differently to eat better; Innovate to create value and sustainable jobs; Strengthen the ties that bind us; Ensure the sustainability of tourism; Educate for the future; Promote the well-being of residents and visitors).

Implementing the project that we are carrying out within the framework of the « European Region of Gastronomy Hauts-de-France awarded 2023 » label and communicating with our teams on the issues, activities and ambition of this approach.

Promoting and ensuring the visibility of the logo « European Region of Gastronomy, Hauts-de-France awarded 2023 » on all our communication materials, both in French and English

Guaranteeing that the logo « European Region of Gastronomy, Hauts-de-France awarded 2023 » will not be used to promote neither products, producers that are not local, nor activities that are not related to our regional gastronomy

Participating in events and/or proposing an event in 2023.

Our spirit, a constant process of progress

Signature of the Director of Operations, Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications d’Excellence Tourisme Innovation, Miss Maude Caucheteux :