Supported by the Community of Communes of Pévèle-Carembault within the framework of its Territorial Food Plan, and accompanied by Euralimentaire (incubator of food innovation), DÉLIFARM is an e-commerce platform of food products from producers and craftsmen of our territories (Pévèle-Carembault, Mélantois, Flandres, Weppes…). DÉLIFARM is available exclusively in delivery or in drive.
What we want to build with DÉLIFARM, beyond an e-commerce site, is to build a real network of food products grown or processed in our territories, to serve consumers of the territories, to maintain, promote and encourage ultra-local consumption so that local production develops closer to us.
DÉLIFARM is also the delivery of recipe kits, soon the batch-cooking of fresh and local products, the will to approach schools to awaken children to eating well and cooking locally.

What are the targets?

Population of the territories of Hauts-de-France.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

DÉLIFARM, its is:

  • Prices set by the producer/craftsman that allow him to make a living
  • Promoting and encouraging the maintenance of a local or even ultra-local production and culture
  • Recipe kits created with a maximum of local products
  • The implementation of batch-cooking to control one’s budget and cook, as much as possible, seasonal and local products
  • Providing innovative solutions both in the product offer and in its mode of operation and distribution (no other ambitions known to date on the market)
  • Raising children’s awareness within the framework of educational projects in connection with schools or by carrying out batch-cooking sessions with parents.


Structure composed of associates, 2 for the moment.