Albè, a young brand from Lille of hummus and falafel made from chickpeas from the Hauts de France, is convinced that chickpeas are the legume of tomorrow, especially in the north of France. Beyond our brand, our ambition is to make better known this legume with multiple virtues, especially among children, and to develop the chickpea industry in our region. Our project is to structure the chickpea industry in the Hauts-de-France region, by creating a link between the actors who work from the fork to the ground. Based on the double observation that young people know little about this legume, but that it is beneficial to health and inexpensive for the environment in its production, we want to organize workshops to discover the chickpea in schools. We also want to offer more chickpea-based products in school catering.

What are the targets?

Our main targets are children. We would like to organize fun food education workshops on chickpeas, and we would like to work with the school catering service so that chickpeas are more present in the menus.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Albè participates in the increase of a more vegetal and environmentally friendly food offer, thus being part of a food transition objective. The chickpea is also a very healthy legume, rich in proteins and low in fat. The products offered by Albè are made only with fresh products, and contain no additives or preservatives. It is therefore an ideal alternative for aperitifs, healthier but no less tasty.
Beyond that, the workshops we plan to do will contribute to better informing the children about what they eat. We are convinced that a better knowledge of what we eat is the key to a better diet.
Also, through the structuring of the chickpea industry, we aim to strengthen the links between the different actors, in order to make our territory more dynamic, and to value the know-how of the actors of the region.


Albè is a brand whose main activity is the production of hummus and falafel.