The idea has been maturing since the creation of the Atelier de la P’tite Zytho in 2019! From the very beginning of the workshops, we have been careful about the energy expenses and the waste produced by the beer brewing workshops. Spent grain, a co-product of the brewing process, comes from the first phase of brewing a beer, the mashing stage. At the end of this phase, we recover the wort (sweet juice) that we continue to work to make a beer and the spent grain is discarded. Today we rework these grains into grain flour and other sweet or savory preparations. All these steps are carried out within the workshop, so we are on a zero waste approach and in short circuit.
Spent grain flour has an undeniable gustatory interest, giving a very marked cereal note to your preparations with the blond flour, notes of roasting with the amber. From a nutritional point of view, these flours are rich in fiber, proteins and minerals.

What are the targets?

Drêche Up addresses with its products to gourmets and craftsmen sensitive to zero waste, having at heart to have a healthy and environmentally friendly food. Drêche Up is also aimed at stores promoting local products with an eco-responsible approach

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Drêche Up is tending to become an important player in the Hauts de France in terms of the recovery of brewers’ grains. Today, with our current tools, we are able to recycle about 100 kg of spent grains per week. Our objective is to develop our working tools in order to increase our production capacity and thus help local brewers to ensure that their spent grains are valorized.

L’Atelier de la P’tite Zytho

We are Estelle and Virginie. The first one is from Normandy, the second one is from Dunkerque. We have been owners of the Monts et Merveilles Bed and Breakfast for 10 years. In 2019, a new step was taken with the creation of the Atelier de la P’tite Zytho. Estelle, trained in brewing techniques and zythology, offers introductory workshops on brewing beer, an emblematic product of Flanders. Virginie is now in charge of the valorisation of the spent grains produced in the workshop.