Eat’s OK® is an application designed for chronically ill patients undergoing treatment. Its goal is to manage food-drug interactions in order to reduce iatrogenic effects and to propose the most appropriate nutritional recommendations to patients.

Eat’s OK®, starts from the patient’s treatment and medical history to establish the nutritional recommendation by avoiding Food-Drug Interactions (FDI). Therefore, no matter how many pathologies the patient suffers from, our calculation engine is able to integrate all the variables to establish a personalized adapted nutritional plan.

Eat’s OK® is therefore the only application that can adapt the individual nutritional plan to the patient’s treatment(s).

What are the targets?

20 million people, almost 1 in 3 French people, who have had recourse to care related to a chronic pathology.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

The onset of a chronic disease in a patient will have an impact on the patient himself but not only. When prescribing medication, doctors must encourage compliance with the treatment and respect for dietary and nutritional rules.

Today, there are at least 50 interactions between food and drugs and about a hundred dietary adaptations related to treatments.

Sometimes this advice is not given or is given too quickly for the patient to remember it. When the advice is given, this additional constraint is added to the other changes induced by the disease and will therefore complicate shopping, cooking, and increase the mental load related to household tasks. Our goal is to simplify the daily life of patients and to rediscover the pleasure of preparing fresh, healthy, seasonal and adapted meals by proposing recipes developed by chefs from the region and elsewhere.


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