Publication of a book of photos dedicated to the most beautiful estaminets of the region. Photos by Denis Paillard, texts by Gilles Guillon. Release in bookstores: February 2023.
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What are the targets?

Northern and Belgian readers, and even from other regions.

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Estam’ shows the diversity of estaminets (not only the usual 4 or 5 addresses that have been talked about for years around Cassel and Godewaersvelde) and portrays some of the emblematic personalities who, like Florent Ladeyn, have contributed to the revival of these typical inns and their rise to the top in terms of cuisine.

Gilles Guillon Editeur

Freelance journalist and regional editor, Gilles Guillon was the creator of the magazine Pays du Nord (1994-2014), a pioneer in the promotion of the culinary heritage of Hauts-de-France at a time when the image of the region was extremely degraded.
For twenty years, Gilles Guillon has been publishing the Bible des estaminets, a guide to the best estaminets in France and Belgium.