The idea is to discover the flora of the coastline by starting with a visit to the Opale Sud Museum in Berck-sur-mer. The participants would start by choosing a painting present in the museum. They would then go directly to the natural sites to discover all the edible plants present on our coasts and appreciate the gustatory potential of our environment. On their return, they will recreate the painting initially chosen using the plants discovered throughout the week.
This work will be exhibited at the Opale Sud Museum.
In parallel, we will bring the public to discover local producers through local markets.
A contest will be organized to allow participants to work on their creativity by revisiting a typical recipe of the Berck area.

What are the targets?

All audiences

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

There is a lot of ignorance about the edible plants present in our territory. Moreover, prejudices persist concerning the Opale Sud museum and slow down the public to cross these doors.
By proposing this week combining gastronomic and artistic culture, the participants will be able to (re)discover their territory on these various facets and thus maintain a common culture of the know-how and the richnesses of our littoral and more precisely that of Berck by being an actor in the appropriation of a local recipe or in the realization of a common work.
Professionals will animate this thematic week by sharing their knowledge of the territory while taking care to accompany the people present and by encouraging them to become thereafter actors and ambassadors of their littoral by their future engagements.

Centre Social municipal de Berck-sur-mer

Municipal service of the commune of Berck-sur-mer attached to the social and citizen life pole