If you put bad gasoline in your car, it won’t start!
For us humans, it’s the same. Food is our fuel: we are what we eat.
That’s why at Goji Goji, our mission is to delight your taste buds as much as your cells!
Buffets, cocktails, or corporate meal trays, our catering formulas combine generosity and balance, greed and health, pleasure and vitamins …
Energetic and colorful menus that suit everyone, for real moments of conviviality, just like at home. You optimize your health, without any frustration.
And to go further, at Goji Goji we democratize the Well-Eating around practical workshops and cooking workshops to learn, deconstruct, and apply at home effective methods of nutrition.

What are the targets?

Company (seminar meals or team meetings, team-building activities)

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Eating well, for oneself and for society, means :
– consuming local and seasonal products, from committed and responsible channels
– reconsidering one’s diet as a way of life, one’s plate as a tool for health and prevention
– relearning how to cook with simple, raw products, putting plants back at the heart of your plate without frustration.
At Goji Goji, we strive to offer quality products, in season and as local as possible, following an educational and nutritional approach to promote a more conscious diet.
Our culinary approach is fresh, greedy and family-oriented, because we want to restore the image of a balanced diet and avoid any guilt or frustration.

Goji Goji

My name is Jeanne, I am a Naturopath (reconversion) and passionate about cooking since my childhood.
With this project, I want to merge cooking and nutrition, thanks to an educational and committed approach.
My leitmotiv: to transmit and share simple (and yet unknown) nutritional techniques to as many people as possible, through simple, tasty and perfectly balanced recipes.