L’huilerie d’Artois promotes through its oils, nutrition, taste, and local.

  • Vegetable oils are consumed in more than 93% of French households. However the nutritional recommendations of the ANSES of certain unsaturated fatty acids (omegas), known as “essential”, prove that ou oils are insufficiently provided. L’huilerie d’Artois aims to develop oils rich in omega 3.
  • Our lands abound in oil seeds and nuts, rich in tastes and flavors. The oleology, inspired by the oenology, finds in the oils of seeds and nuts new flavors. L’huilerie d’Artois offers an exhaustive range of flavored oils to oleologists.
  • The Hauts-de-France region is full of vegetable productions rich in lipids. Our producer partners are committed to a virtuous production process. L’huilerie d’Artois strives to source its raw materials locally.
What are the targets?

Our nutritional oils are intended for children, adults, sportsmen, and the elderly. Our gastronomic oils are intended for gourmets, restaurant owners, specialized distribution and supermarkets.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Until 1850, the region of Hauts de France was a great olive oil producing region (flax, camelina, poppy, rapeseed oil,…) Today, the region of Hauts de France, rich in agriculture and diversified soils, still offers authentic and exceptional vegetable oil vintages.
L’huilerie d’Artois participates in the development of gastronomic and nutritional oils, with the ambition of developing a regional identity.
Our oils, rich and diversified in fatty acids called “essential”, omegas, correspond to nutritional recommendations for each consumer profile.

Artois Oil Mill

The Artois Oil Mill produces and packages cold-pressed virgin vegetable oils