Levain Sauvage is a project of micro-fournil that wishes to establish itself in rural areas with the aim of :
– selecting organic and local flours, ground on stone millstones
– knead and shape by hand
– favouring long fermentation with natural leaven
– cooking in a wood-fired oven
– work with love and share it with the inhabitants of the territory
I imagine the bakery as a meeting place where other activities can be developed with the inhabitants and the local community. This is why Levain Sauvage is part of a larger project for a cultural, solidarity-based and eco-citizen third place in the Marchiennes area.
Levain Sauvage also has an educational component for young and old alike, with workshops on bread, the discovery of ancient wheat, and anti-gaspi cooking thanks to a mobile wood-fired oven that would allow for activities close to the public.

What are the targets?

This project is aimed at farmers, millers, bread eaters, those who can no longer eat bread, and young and old alike who want to know more about the world of bread.

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Levain Sauvage is a story of reconversion, with bread as an obvious, meaningful food
bread as an everyday food, meaningful and a link with the farming world from which I come. I want to offer breads with authentic flavors, more digestible, with low glycemic index, high nutritional value, long shelf life thanks to the work with natural leaven and quality flours.
My objective is to work with raw products in direct link with the producers of the territory. I want to produce a quality bread, good for the taste buds, the health and the planet and which values the work of all the actors of the sector.
Thanks to the mobile wood-fired oven, it will be possible to develop workshops to pass on the craft of baking, to promote the benefits of natural leavening, to raise awareness of the preservation of ancient wheat and the use of additive-free flours.

À Petits Pas

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