Maison Poiret is a family business based in the 7 Valleys, the company has two poles: the confectionery/syrups and alcoholic beverages/vinegars
Concerning the confectionery we elaborate only marshmallows and nougats, we look for the taste, the lightness to the excess of sugar, it is so for the syrups.
Alcoholic beverages are made from our fruits and wild flowers, whether they are sparkling, aperitifs or liqueurs, bringing a flavour specific to the region.
Vinegars are elaborated and aged in oak barrels and some obtained by acetic fermentation.
Our project : planting of pear trees for the elaboration of perry in the traditional method.

What are the targets?

The Epicureans

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

We work to find the lost tastes that the industrialists have taken away from us.
The taste of the land !

Maison Poiret

Gastronomic Fine Food : Confectioner, Syrup maker, Vinegar maker, Distiller