Since 2020, nearly 49 passionate farmers have decided to join forces to enhance the value of our territory by exploring a promising new avenue: viticulture. Our ambitious goal is to cultivate 200 hectares of Chardonnay vines spread throughout the region. Today, with the evolution of the climate, our plots benefit from a good sunshine as well as from mild temperatures. Ideal conditions for the development of the berries. The high quality of our soils that we protect and their specificity are not left out. Our methods are certified High Environmental Value level 3 (HVE3) and our long-term ambition is to offer you AB certified vintages. The vinification of our wines starts in our vineyards where a meticulous selection of grapes is made. Once in the cellar, our oenologists and cellar masters free themselves from the great traditions of wine making, to offer you still white wines combining pleasure and technicality.

What are the targets?

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How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

The idea of this new vineyard was born from the desire to diversify the agricultural production in order to valorize it. This idea is associated with the fact that consumers are looking for and consuming local products, so we are responding to the new expectations of buyers. Our brand allows us to promote our region beyond our borders.
We have also chosen to rehabilitate an old sugar factory (80) to make our production place. Our winery is the link between two eras, where past greatness and future promises are mixed. When you walk through the doors of this place, you feel a tremendous energy, that of a territory that lives and reinvents itself every day.

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Our vineyards (86 ha planted) are located throughout the region, from the land to the hillsides. As for the place of production, our winery is located in a former sugar factory in Dompierre-Becquincourt.