We want to educate individuals, children and the general public on the importance of eating quality bread, made with homemade leaven. During their visit, they will understand all the advantages of eating bread without industrial flour and that it is very easy to make your own bread. The education of children is also the education of their parents!
They will see from the cultivation of organic wheat in our fields to the unrolling of the flour in our mill, all the work that goes into making bread and make them aware of the work of the farmers, their commitments and help them understand why we don’t throw away food.

What are the targets?

Individuals, schools, companies

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

We are going to learn how to make bread by ourselves and if possible to make the public aware of choosing the right flours. There are organic wheat producers in the Hauts de France who are committed to making the cultivation of old wheat adapted to our region sustainable.
The public must understand that organic farmers do not do anything and that eating without chemicals is better for everyone.

Scea du jardinet

Our farm produces cereals and field vegetables (potatoes and green beans)