La prairie du Château will set up its workshops in the wash house of Trosly-Loire to make people discover or rediscover ancient methods of food production and preservation.
Breeding and protection of bees, honey production and processing of hive products, oil extraction from local oil seeds, beer and kombucha brewing, acetic, synaptic, lactic and alcoholic fermentations, distillation, sterilization, pasteurization, appertization and smoking…
We will offer practical workshops for small groups in an original place of exchange ideally located: in a rural area, away from the town and on a gentle road. The place is unique and the project to save the Trosly-Loire wash house has been retained by the heritage mission entrusted to Stéphane Bern.

What are the targets?

We welcome all types of public, adults and schoolchildren, itinerant tourists and inhabitants of the Hauts-de-France region.

How will your project contribute to promoting the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

The raw materials are available in the vicinity and are of high quality.
The transformation techniques are accessible to all and the necessary equipment does not require a large budget. We have the experience of these techniques and we have the pedagogy adapted to our public.
A small plus, the products already exist and are appreciated!
By accompanying the awareness of these exceptional possibilities and by allowing the visitors to reappropriate the old practices, the young and less young will be able to exploit the local resources: cereals, hops, vegetables and meats.

Projet porté par E2CO et la SCI Cohardy de Trosly-Loire

Created to assist manufacturers in optimizing their direct marketing and telemarketing campaigns as well as optimizing their logistics. The emphasis is put since the beginning on the social responsibility of the company.
The opportunity arose during the confinement to develop a range of products under the commercial brand “La prairie du Château”.
The convergence with the project of safeguarding the Lavoir de Trosly-Loire gives a new meaning to the whole.