Promoting the art of good living in the Montreuillois Côte d’Opale!

Laughter, clinking glasses and plates full of local flavors on the table : no doubt, we are in the Montreuillois Côte d’Opale. The cuisine of our region is just like those who taste it: inventive, generous, comforting…

Aware of the richness of its territory, the Montreuillois en Côte d’Opale Tourist Office has set itself the goal of highlighting these men and women with exceptional know-how united by the love they have for their profession and the respect they have for their territory. Thanks to these producers, breeders, restaurant owners, wine merchants (and so many others), we can promise the perfect union between gourmet and gastronomy. And with the help of all the inhabitants, it is the conviviality which approaches excellence…

What are the targets?

Young and old, locals and tourists… gastronomy and the art of living well in Montreuillois can be everyone’s business. Notice to all gourmets, food lovers, small or big hunger, this territory (and everything that happens there) is made for you!

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

In order to affirm the Montreuillois as a destination of gastronomic excellence, the territory is oriented around 3 axes:

  • Events: Any occasion is a good opportunity to meet and satisfy your sweet tooth… Small meetings and big events, gastronomy is honored all year long…
  • Tourism: Gastronomy and the art of good living are part of the very essence of Montreuillois and are in themselves a good enough reason to visit. Producers, wine merchants, cheese makers, are among the best addresses. From inns to gastronomic restaurants and brasseries, the Montreuillois offers everyone the opportunity to savor its riches.
  • Territorial projects: The CA2BM is developing a Territorial Food Project in order to relocalize agriculture and food on the territory by supporting, for example, the installation of farmers, the short circuit or local products in the canteens.

Office de Tourisme du Montreuillois en Côte d’Opale

Community tourist office of the Communauté d’Agglomération des 2 baies en Montreuillois.