Creation of a Beer and Brewery application & 2023 edition of the Breweries of our regions guide

Today, the map is available on the responsive site The idea is to propose an application that can send push to those who have downloaded it. Thus, each week, a detailed article tells the experience of visiting a brewery in Hauts-de-France accompanied by a video “tasting with the brewer”. This content encourages people to visit the region’s breweries. This application is complementary to the paper guide, whose circulation may be increased for this gastronomic year.

What are the targets?

This project is aimed at the general public.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Encouraging visits to distilleries and breweries is part of a desire to promote the cultural heritage of gastronomy and to encourage a cultural practice of cooking. Indeed, whether it is to deepen one’s knowledge or to discover an artisanal and local manufacturing method, our project aims to encourage better consumption.

Discovering the process of beer from its ingredients to its bottling allows, not only to know what we consume but also to discover the importance of the pleasure of production. The brewer’s love for what he does, the time he spends, discovering all the work behind our beer adds a secret ingredient: passion.

Beer is a beverage that is rooted in our history and in our region, yet many people do not know what is in a beer. Organizing tours allows people to know, discover and love the specialty of Hauts-de-France. This shows a desire to cultivate the gastronomic heritage and what better than a tasting for that?

By Damien Courcoux

Damien Courcoux is a publisher of tourist and cultural guides in print and on the internet. He publishes Les Brasseries de nos régions, les distilleries de nos régions, Le champagne de nos régions. In project the chocolate of our regions.

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