At a time when health is becoming more and more important in our daily life, the question of a healthy and pleasant alimentation is becoming omnipresent; the body’s well being goes through a mental and physical balance. It is with this idea in mind that we started this adventure, wanting to offer a drink where the symbiosis of benefits and pleasure of taste is present in our bottles.

We offer a sparkling drink, Kombucha, made from the natural fermentation of tea. Unpasteurized, Kombucha is a source of antioxidants and micro-organisms beneficial to our well-being. It is combined with plants such as ginger, mint, orange leaf or fruit juices to benefit from their virtues and also give unique taste profiles. Without alcohol, this drink is a perfect alternative to traditional sodas while having interesting nutritional contributions (acids helping digestion, vitamins and flora for our intestinal microbiota).

Brewed by craftsmen in our region, Kombucha uses the values and know-how of the master brewers of our region but integrates other flavors related to plants.

What are the targets?

Health and well-being should not stop at a single target, but at any age group aware that it is “consum’actress” of its health. Our fermented drink is aimed at young and old alike. By learning to “desugar” the taste, we participate in a more rational taste education. By addressing the different senses, we also rediscover the pleasure of a less processed food: the sight by the color of a kombucha with forest fruits, the smell by the frank aromas of mint, the taste by the small acidulous point characteristic of the kombucha, finally the hearing by listening to the light sparkling of the bubbles which we wished fine and not aggressive. This drink is also aimed at visitors who will discover that it is possible to brew local products differently, with other plants and without alcohol.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

The project responds to the growing needs of a population seeking to improve its nutrition and answers the current problem of nutritional issues. By proposing a non-alcoholic, low-sugar drink that is “good for the body and good for the taste buds”, we wish to offer the inhabitants and numerous visitors of the Hauts de France an experience of tastes and flavors based on authenticity and pleasure.

We have noticed that more and more restaurant owners want to include regional products in their menus, with little processing and produced in an eco-conscious way. By adopting a sustainable and local sourcing policy, and a desire to be carbon neutral, we are helping to protect our economic and natural fabric, while contributing to the culinary appeal of the Hauts de France.

We are starting to be on the table of many restaurants that advocate the taste of authenticity and local know-how. We also work in short circuit, to be as close as possible to our consumers and their needs while collaborating with specialists in well-being (nutritionists, fitness centers) who recognize the interest of this fermented drink. Finally, we do not forget that the art of brewing is part of the history of our region and we seek to participate in its recognition, while integrating new and beneficial flavors.

By Bulles d’Opale

The first artisanal KOMBUCHA microbrewery on the Opal Coast, Bulles d’Opale produces and markets its own Kombucha, a healthy alternative to overly sweet sparkling drinks.

Les Bulles d’Opale are made by combining traditional and modern processes. We take the time to extract the best natural principles from each plant used (cold infusion, decoction), inspired by traditional herbalist methods to enhance your pleasure and well-being.

The blends of Opal Bubbles are subject to a second fermentation to facilitate the bioavailability of nutrients.

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