Celebrate the arrival of Christmas beer in Hauts-de-France !
To promote this traditional product
To perpetuate and develop a festive event and thus allow :

  • to develop the brewing culture in the region,

  • to promote the region’s brewers and their know-how,

  • present the economic activity of the regional profession: economic weight of the sector, societal commitments,

  • communicate about the projects,

  • create links with the entire industry and the general public.

What are the targets?

This project is aimed at professionals in the agri-food sector, politicians, journalists and the general public.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

The origin of Christmas Beer goes back to the 17th century. In the fall, in order to store their barley and hop harvests, brewers had to empty the remaining harvests from the previous year. They would then use these raw materials to create a final brew, richer in malt and hops than their usual batch. This special brew, often enhanced with spices, was then offered to the brewery’s employees and its best customers to be enjoyed on Christmas Eve. The tradition has continued and has made Christmas Beer a highlight of the brewing calendar.

The project will contribute to strengthening the authenticity and culinary identity of the Hauts de France.

By the Brewers of Hauts-de-France

Brasseurs des Hauts-de-France is a regional professional brewing organization that defends the interests of its members in the Hauts-de-France region. With its 25 members, Brasseurs des Hauts-de-France works to ensure the promotion and enhancement of brewing culture, to promote beer and the know-how of local brewers in and outside our region.

Brasseurs des Hauts-de-France brings together all types of breweries: Industrial breweries, family breweries, craft breweries, micro-breweries, pico-breweries and farm-breweries, and boosts the brewing industry throughout the territory.

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