Flanders is a territory of nature and authenticity, which is characterized by its traditions and conviviality. In terms of gastronomy, the estaminets, once a place of gathering and drinking according to the definition of the French Academy, are today the reflection of the Flemish heritage. Thus, nowadays, when you enter an estaminet you taste the flavors of the territory; a place of conviviality, you live like a Fleming ! …it is this “spirit” that makes all the difference !

It has an atmosphere so specific that it cannot be found anywhere else. While we are more than ever attached to this singularity, imagine a warm place, where you can spend a privileged moment with your loved ones, conducive to sharing and conviviality. This place is by definition the “Estaminet”! It embodies a real popular culture, a way of consuming specific to the territory with a part made to the songs, the games, the fellowship, the pleasure to be and to eat together.

The brand Estaminets Flamands© was set up by a common project, between two inter-communalities, supported by two tourist offices that aim to defend local and traditional values within an establishment with an authentic character that highlights local products.

Since 2017, date of the first labeling, the Flemish Estaminets Network includes 15 establishments. The Label Estaminet Flamand is a step of progress allowing to accentuate the identity of the territory both in the plate (use of local products, traditional recipes, typical dishes, simple and authentic …), and in the experience offered in these restaurants (decor, conviviality, authenticity of places).

To enter a Flemish Estaminet© is to breathe Flanders !

What are the targets?

This project is aimed at the general public.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

The Flemish Estaminets© : the Taste of the Land and the Belonging to a Territory

Flanders is a territory where agricultural activity is important, it allows to move towards sustainable food and qualitative supply. Through the network of the Flemish Estaminets brand, an invitation to “eat better and local” has been launched in the territory since 2017 to lovers of the table and traditions.

In addition to being a precious tourist, promotional and economic lever for the territory but also for the Region, this label is above all a mark of guarantee to the “visitor” because the Flemish Estaminet holder of the mark “Estaminets Flamands®” is above all an ambassador of their land and their territory :

  • He works and sublimates local products, even hyper-local.

  • It promotes the typical gastronomy of Flanders and Northern France.

  • He knows his territory and is able to inform the customer about the activities that can be done in the surroundings.

  • It highlights the Flemish culture, whether it is music groups, hobbies (traditional games), artistic activities or immaterial heritage.

  • And it is above all friendly !

The values of the Réseau des Estaminets Flamands® contribute to the values and reputation of the people of the Hauts de France. These places of life are the image of their territory and their inhabitants: authentic, friendly, multiple and generous.

By Destination Coeur de Flandre

The main mission of the Coeur de Flandre Tourist Office is to promote and develop the Inner Flanders region, which encompasses 50 municipalities. 3 Tourist Information Offices are located on the territory (Hazebrouck, Cassel and Bailleul) as well as 2 Tourist Information Relays (House of the battle in Noordpeene and Museum of the rural life in Steenwerck) and a Back-Office based in Steenwerck.

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