The objective is to promote regional gastronomy and its actors. With respect for people and the planet, we offer a seamless ordering and delivery service of gourmet menus. Prepared as in a restaurant, in containers made of bagasse sugar cane, gastronomy is invited at home or for professional meals.

What are the targets?


How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

We are innovative in terms of business model and revenue, thanks to an alternative approach to the pure player of the Food Tech. Slow Food allows us to respect the work of great chefs by offering them the opportunity to diversify their activity and better respond to current consumer behavior and trends.

By HippolEat

Startup from Lille, created in the Food Tech in lean mode, HippolEat shares its adventure with Caroline Scrive (COO) Sébastien Dalle (CTO) and Benjamin Nadau (CEO) and 4 great Chefs from Hauts-de-France

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