Launched in March 2010 in France by Nausicaá, Centre National de la Mer, in Italy by the Acquario di Genova and in Spain by the Aquarium Finisterrae, the Mr.Goodfish program aims to raise public awareness of sustainable consumption of seafood. The program aims to make the public and professionals actors for the preservation of marine resources by publishing, each season, a list of seafood products recommended by specialists in marine resources. The goal of this approach is to preserve the stocks of fragile seafood products by consuming other stocks available in abundance.

Thus, if each French person consumed a species recommended by Mr.Goodfish simply once a year, 20,000 tons of threatened species could be saved. Since 2017, the Mr.Goodfish program also issues recommendations for products from aquaculture. All information and recommendations from the program are available on the Mr.Goodfish website or mobile app.

What are the targets?

The general public, professionals in the seafood sector, from the sea to the plate: fishermen, fishmongers, supermarkets, restaurants, fishmongers, teachers…

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Mr.Goodfish is a unique program, it is positive, educational and enhances the value of fish products from the Hauts-de-France, by discovering the diversity of products and their seasonality. It highlights the richness of our coastline, and the work of professionals to make this sector ever more sustainable.

Mr.Goodfish also promotes the consumption of little-known species, and in partnership with restaurants, promotes the gastronomy of local, sustainable and seasonal seafood.

By Nausicaa, National Sea Center

Nausicaá is much more than a simple aquarium. It is a unique marine environment discovery center that is fun, educational and scientific. It focuses on the relationship between humans and the sea and its mission is to raise public awareness of better management of the oceans and their resources.

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