Ok Julou is the local solution to business gifts!

Our goal? To help create a link between companies and their partners, suppliers, employees… through local gifts.

Ok Julou is a 100% customizable turnkey service

What are the targets?

Our service is only available to companies:

  • For their customers : To thank them, to build loyalty…
  • For their employees : To be corporate, to reinforce the link between teams, to value them…
  • For their partners : To enhance your image, to make them live a positive positive experience.
  • For their constituents : 100% local box, with products and craftsmen of your city (for births, new arrivals, seniors…)
  • For their elected officials : Create a link between your elected officials and local products

For any event : Because there are only good moments to make to please, and you value your company

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Our portfolio of suppliers covers the whole of the Hauts de France and evolves every day to find producers and craftsmen as close as possible to our customers.

Each gift (box, tote bag, basket…) is accompanied by a booklet presenting the producers in order to promote their work.

Drinks? Salty products? Sweet products? Non consumable products? Our team will be there to advise you and make proposals according to your brief.

Several products per package, so there’s something for everyone !

The Plus ? The possibility to make up to two versions of gifts for one delivery.

For example: One version with and one without alcohol!

Our team will deliver your gifts all in one place, all clean, ready to be ready to be distributed !

By Julie et Louise

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