Glasswort is one of the beneficial and emblematic plants of the seashore.

Handpicked by fishermen on foot from the beginning of June to the end of August in the estuaries of the Hauts-de-France coast (in particular the Somme, Authie and Canche bays), this natural plant is mainly used as a condiment, in vinegar, like gherkins. But it can also be eaten raw, in salad, or cooked like green beans.

The samphire harvested in the Somme Bay represents nearly 90% of the French production.

In order to perpetuate the harvest of this excellent product and to promote the heritage of fishermen on foot, the CRPMEM Hauts-de-France has created the brand “Salicorne des Baies de Somme, d’Authie et de Canche”.

What are the targets?

Professional anglers from Hauts-de-France, French and foreign consumers

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Excellent for health, this fleshy and halophilic wild plant is rich in iodine, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins A, C and D. Diuretic, it is also good for the prevention of hypertension.

It is also a source of inspiration for flavor lovers looking for an authentic, unusual taste, a slightly acidic and salty taste, between land and sea.

It is also a major asset for vegan or vegetarian consumers who would still like to consume products from the Hauts-de-France fishery.

By le Comité Régional des Pêches Maritimes et des Elevages Marins Hauts-de-France

The CRPMEM’s mission is to defend and promote the interests of professional fishermen on board and on foot.

It must represent them through different subjects: environmental, economic and social.

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