I am a passionate professional beekeeper who lives from this beautiful profession with the greatest respect for bees. I wish to transmit, share my knowledge for the future generations by helping, training, supporting all the initiatives so that the bees remain our sentinels of the environment where from my implication with the city of Laon and the company HOSTABEE. Why not dream of a future where the production of French honey could satisfy domestic consumption and why not export our linden honey!! without counting the catastrophic indirect impact on the environment if we do not preserve our pollinators where the bee holds a large place in our food bowl. This is why I do everything at my level to give the desire to learn to better undertake tomorrow.

What are the targets?

General public, schoolchildren, individual beekeepers or beekeeping schools, communities and the beekeeping health sector.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

The more we share our knowledge with the beekeepers of tomorrow, whether they are in the making, hobbyists or professionals, the more we improve the quality of life of bees, and the more we will participate in eating better. In Chavignon, we have this philosophy to produce always and always more exceptional honeys without forgetting our speciality: our Lime tree honey produced in my department which attracts so much the beekeepers of the neighbouring departments.

By Les Ateliers de l’Abeille – EARL ACBB

It is a 4th generation family company with 4 associates, 2 permanent employees and seasonal workers for the harvests on a stock that can go up to 800 hives in season. We practice the transhumance of the hives since the 1990’s to produce exceptional honeys that we market mainly in our store on the production site of Chavignon (Aisne). Our pride for the production of lime tree honey that we produce on the state forests of Samoussy and Saint Gobain. I like to open the doors of my farm and share my knowledge with any public by love for the bee which stung me!

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