The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hauts-de-France wishes to support the development of the short circuit by professional restaurateurs who wish to offer the best of local products to their customers. Faced with an increased demand with the health crisis, it is important to integrate the logistical dimension as a condition for success.

The objective is to respond to a triple problem :

  • To enable restaurant owners to meet customer expectations in terms of local products, freshness, knowledge of the origin of products and respect for the seasons.

  • Boost short circuits and ensure the supply chain and its traceability

  • Determine a territory for experimentation, which could be the Montreuillois area, whose attractiveness agency has already identified producers and suppliers in short circuits, and which promotes them through an annual guide, both paper and web. In addition, this territory is invested in tourism innovation.

The aim is to design a solution for professionals, from the centralization of local product purchases to delivery, in the form of a web platform associated with a logistics approach. It must reconcile the specifications of producers and restaurant owners in terms of short circuits :

  • Guaranteeing local supplies on time

  • Allowing for adaptable volumes

  • Ensuring the quality and traceability of products

  • Multiplying the number of interlocutors and relocating the production

What are the targets?

Restaurant owners, hoteliers (breakfasts) and bars, farmers and suppliers (raw and/or processed local products) in short circuits, tourists from Hauts-de-France and Europe 

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

By allowing restaurant owners to rely on a local chain of local products, they can create a local menu with agility and seasonality. 

For consumers, it is a way to discover different tastes and flavors, to continue their appropriation of local products in a responsible and sustainable way. A first full-scale test on a territory with high tourist visibility will allow the sector to set up a new dynamic and virtuous synergy.

By the Hauts-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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