The regional brand Terroirs Hauts-de-France highlights the products of farmers, craftsmen and companies. The products must meet several criteria to be approved: for raw products, obviously be 100% local, for processed products be with raw materials from our region. If they meet these criteria, the products are then tasted by an independent committee that grants or not the use of the brand. The Terroirs Hauts-de-France regional collective brand promotes these products to food and trade professionals as well as to the general public. The originality of the brand is that it has several variations that help consumers find their way around: Farmhouse, Artisanal, Organic. Since its inception, the collective brand has helped producers to find markets, to orient their production towards new practices: HVE, Organic, but also to promote interaction between them.

Today, more and more producers of processed products rely on other local producers to provide them with ingredients for their own products …. Nice complementarities have thus been established and should be further strengthened. Finally, the regional collective brand contributes to the maintenance and development of employment in rural areas through the influence it gives to local products.

What are the targets?

Through its actions, the Terroirs Hauts-de-France collective brand aims at three different but complementary targets. First, the inhabitants of Hauts-de-France so that they become the first ambassadors of our region’s products. The second target is the professionals of the distribution so that they offer, daily, a place of choice to the local products in their commercial proposals. Finally, the last target is that of the Chefs of restoration so that they work and sublimate the products in their establishments so that the guests can taste the local products in a traditional way or more avant-garde.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

Encouraging the production and consumption of local products, helping the evolution of production methods and promoting local circuits are all elements that allow the greatest number of people to think about their eating habits and to organize their supply differently !

By Terroirs Hauts-de-France

Association law 1901 managing by delegation the collective mark Terroirs Hauts-de-France, property of the Chamber of Agriculture Hauts-de-France. This association brings together farmers, craftsmen and companies in the Hauts-de-France region.

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