Continuous training including one day of theory and one day of practice.

The first day is devoted to theory during which the regulatory aspects (labeling, processing premises, traceability control…) and the basics of fruit and vegetable processing are discussed. The processes and materials adapted to the transformation (choice of vegetables, pre-treatments, cooking and vacuum conservation, hot packaging, blanching, freezing…) are explained. The participants are made aware of the microbiological risks and the notion of determining the shelf life of the product.

The second day is devoted to the practical application of 15 to 20 recipes (savory in the morning and sweet in the afternoon). The morning’s productions are tasted during lunch and lead to a time of exchange. The recipe booklet given to the participants highlights the interest of the recipe for the producer as well as the nutritional and gustatory interests.

What are the targets?

Fruit and vegetable producers wishing to diversify :

  • To valorize a surplus of production,

  • To valorize the part of the production unsold because of bad size,

  • To develop the sale in short circuit

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

This training allows producers in the region to create added value, to explore new outlets, to produce forgotten local recipes or to market original or well-known recipes.

By UniLaSalle

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