The association was created in 2004, the project consists in manufacturing and marketing a baguette from wheat produced, stored and crushed on the territory of Picardie Maritime (more precisely the Bay of Somme). The name of this baguette is the same as that of the association and is also the name of the emblematic bird of this beautiful region.

The stakes of the project are various:

  • – to valorize and to put forward a simple product of the region
  • – to develop the added value for all the actors of the sector.
  • – to develop a positive image of the farmers and the economic organizations able to produce together a quality and local product.

This project is the result of a commitment by the entire sector (farmers, economic organizations, millers and bakers). It is a collective work on a daily basis, each one working together for the same objective.

Precise specifications must be respected: specific artisanal production (old varieties of wheat, special oven), sustainable agriculture etc…

The association’s objective is to promote this product in order to make it known to the local inhabitants but also to the tourists likely to come and visit the region. This territory is so particular, so rich in experiences and encounters, that it was unthinkable not to have a local baguette.

What are the targets?

This project targets the bakers and customers

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

This project shows that an agreement between different actors of a sector is possible if the common objective links us. For more than 15 years, this project has participated in the development of local and proximity industries. It contributes to better eating in Hauts de France since the specifications require farmers to produce in a “reasoned” way, it also contributes to the reduction of carbon: there is indeed very little intermediary (the wheat is sold to the miller, the flour to the baker, and the baguette directly to the consumer).

By the Chamber of Agriculture of the Somme and Moulins Riquier

Consular organization and local miller for several generations
Collaborative work

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