At a time when the Hauts-de-France region is going to become the European region of gastronomy in 2023, the mission of promoting the world of market gardening and market garden production in the Marais Audomarois, the last market garden in France, which the Maison du Marais is carrying out, takes on an even stronger meaning. It is in this context that it wishes to complete and develop its educational offer. By increasing awareness of its terroir, it hopes to give the keys to knowledge and mastery of this heritage to the next generations of professionals in the gastronomy and hotel industry so that they can in turn develop it.

It is with this in mind that we wish to bring together the world of hotel training and the actors of the marshlands of the Audomarois. By wishing to make learners benefit from the skills and know-how acquired over time by the Saint-Omer region in terms of market gardening, gastronomy and hotel industry, the Maison du Marais aims to bring the Marais Audomarois into the various courses in order to offer a new added value to the educational contents that compose them.

In the end, this exchange could increase the notoriety of the Marais Audomarois and create a long-term link between socio-professional structures, learning structures and mediating structures of the territory.

At the end of this program, the different parties could benefit from a network between professionals and learners. For the territory, it is an additional recognition that could arouse new interest and also help to overcome the recruitment difficulties that hoteliers are facing today. It is also the recognition of a region as a land of values, know-how and knowledge.

What are the targets?

This project targets hotel schools.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

This ambitious project, both for the Audomarois territory and for the educational institutions, should allow to meet the expectations of everyone and to provide better support to the future professionals of the hotel and restaurant industry.

This offer aims at the creation of pedagogical tools concerning the following contents : 

In connection with market gardening, the outlets for market gardening products and their valorisation :

En lien avec le maraîchage, les débouchés des productions maraîchères et la valorisation de celles-ci :

  • Market garden production: farmers’ seeds, regional species, promotion of short circuits, agro-ecological approaches and an original vernacular heritage,

  • The history of the Audomarois marsh and market gardening,

  • Meeting with market gardeners,

  • Meeting with chefs,

  • Meeting with producers other than market gardeners (brewery / distillery / cheese factory),

In connection with the tourist attractiveness caused by the attraction of the marsh, the market gardening productions and other activities present on the territory

  • Meeting with hotel executives (Accor group / family-owned establishments) 

In connection with the SPL internal competences :

  • Digital identity,

  • Marketing concepts.

By SPL Tourisme en Pays de Saint-Omer

Tourism in Pays de Saint-Omer is a public company created in May 2019 by the CAPSO, the CCPL, the city of Arques and the city of Saint-Omer. Its purpose is to promote the territory and manage tourist equipment (Maison du Marais, Salon de Thé, Escape Game).

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