The SCEA DRANEM with its brand “La Vie Nature” includes :

A farm of 50 pigs in the open air in 3 hectares of oak trees and 2 hectares of Picardy meadows.

We feed our beasts with natural food, herbs, leaves, roots, insects, earthworms, acorns and organic cereals.

We offer 5kg and 10kg boxes of fresh meat. And processed products, smoked sausages, long smoked, smoked breasts, patés. Objectives: To develop the transformation of locally produced pig meat in excellent conditions and to make products of character with a strong regional identity.

We produce red fruits in organic farming (10 hectares).

(Blackcurrant and redcurrant), we produce nectars, sparkling, jelly, syrups and vinegars. Objective: to develop organic products oriented towards taste, health, well-being and sport. Blackcurrant and redcurrant have gustatory, vitamin, anti-oxidant and anti-fatigue virtues.

We have a farm store (wooden chalet) with 30 local producers, grocery, butchery, dairy, fruits and vegetables.

We produce on social networks videos #lespaysansreunis that highlight the know-how of our artisans and producers.

We are in search of the real, local and taste while respecting production practices, organic and / or reasoned.

We organize events around sports, culture, circus, associations by proposing local products and presentations of our producers.

We want to create a building that includes a store, a transformation workshop, a tasting area and/or a restaurant in order to promote the vision of our agriculture.

  • Living together.

  • The local economy.

  • The pleasure of regional cuisine.

  • The health in our plates.

We wish to make our customers aware of the food, environmental and energy issues of today and tomorrow.

What are the targets?

The population of Hauts-de-France.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

We must create places and spaces that allow us to meet together. Food is a wonderful vector for conviviality and living together. By creating this place of exchange on the environmental themes of tomorrow, organic and sustainable agriculture, the know-how of our regions, the taste and health in our plates, we participate in promoting respectful production methods, our local seasonal products and our regional specialties.

We accompany the current and future generations to discover and use quality products.


Young farmer installed in April 2015, taking advantage of a professional reconversion, after 15 years in the international wine and spirits industry, I launched a production in organic agriculture with transformation of small red fruits (blackcurrant and redcurrant).

We market a range of 100% natural products based on fruit juices only (juices, sparkling wines, syrups, jellies…) in the Gamm Vert network, specialized stores, local supermarkets and farm sales.

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