The City of Lille is supporting the “Oh MY Good !” Mobility Youth Gastronomy Project, in partnership with the Lycée hôtelier international de Lille (LHIL), in order to develop exchanges in the field of gastronomy between high schools and young chefs from the cities of Lille, Erfurt (Germany), Leeds (United Kingdom), Nablus (Palestine) and Turin (Italy) (partner cities of Lille).

For the City of Lille, food is a vector for social inclusion within priority neighborhoods. A project to transform an industrial wasteland has been launched in the Fives district where the hotel school is located. The “Chaud Bouillon” project becomes a new place of exchange and sharing around sustainable food with :

  • An eco-responsible food court with a cultural program (shows, workshops, conferences, concerts)

  • A common kitchen managed by the CCAS of Lille and co-animated by the association “Les sens du goût”, with cooking workshops for and with the inhabitants (meetings and social mix)

  • A professional kitchen managed by Baluchon, with a culinary incubator and a solidarity caterer (supporting entrepreneurs in the food industry).

  • An urban farm where local products will be cultivated, sold or consumed on site.

The City of Lille has planned to associate the actors of Chaud Bouillon to develop activities open to the general public as part of the “Oh MY Good” project :

  • Chefs from the partner cities will lead cooking workshops at the Cuisine Commune, in collaboration with the CCAS and the association “Les sens du goût”

  • The Palestinian chef will give a Masterclass for the project leaders supported by the Baluchon culinary incubator

  • La petite Lune will propose a cultural program around sustainable and convivial food during the project’s closing festival : conference, workshops, show for children, ball-concert, in May 2023.

What are the targets?

This project is aimed at students and teachers of the lycée hôtelier international de Lille and partner hotel schools, young chefs from Lille and partner cities, project leaders followed by the social incubator Baluchon, the general public of Lille participating in cooking workshops at the Cuisine Commune, partners: associations, companies of Chaud Bouillon, participants in the festival : all public : children, adults…

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

This project thus allows :

  • To develop intergenerational and intercultural exchanges of practices between high school students, teachers and young international chefs, thus promoting the social and professional integration of high school students

  • Promote the gastronomy of our respective territories abroad, including the gastronomy of Lille. Develop the notoriety of our young chefs abroad

  • To organize an international public event around food as a vector of social and intercultural link

  • Promote quality food, support for organic and local agriculture, short circuits

  • Decompartmentalizing the hotel and restaurant professions: exchanging practices in all the proposed fields (baking, cooking, service, catering) and partnering with the Chaud Bouillon actors to prepare students for the hotel and restaurant professions of tomorrow

  • Promote gender equality and diversity in the hotel and restaurant industry and change the image of the hotel and restaurant industry among young women.

By the City of Lille

Local authority

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