The Hauts-de-France Region and the Chamber of Agriculture promote the development of local circuits through the animation of a virtual guide to the supply of agricultural products in Hauts-de-France. 

The tool created in 2014 takes the form of a responsive design website for the general public entitled The website Où acheter local (Where to buy local) lists producers in the Hauts-de-France region who market their products, both food and non-food, through local channels.

The website meets 2 main objectives :

  • To give web visibility to the farm products of Hauts-de-France, by facilitating the access to the referencing on Internet of the producers and their products referred in the points of sale of proximity;
  • To promote the actions engaged by the territories and associative networks of producers on the theme of the short circuits by mutualizing the communication of the implemented actions, that it is by referencing their guides of producers in virtual version or by relaying the news and events which they organize to increase their visibility near the population of Hauts-de-France.

The Chamber of Agriculture ensures, thanks to the financial support of the Hauts-de-France Region, the animation, the evolution and the durability of the site, in partnership with the associated actors that are the territories and associative networks of producers of Hauts-de-France signatories of the agreement. The tool allows to mutualize the means of all the partners who wish to bring a web visibility to the producers, to their points of sale, and wants to be a space of communication for the actions and events led by them around the theme of the short circuits. 

In an objective of continuous improvement, a new version of the site will be released in May 2021: dynamism, practicality and ease of access to information are the key words of this recovery. The upcoming version will also give greater visibility to products under Official Signs of Quality as well as producers offering a Click & Collect service.

What are the targets?

Thanks to its adaptability to all types of screens and its ease of use, is aimed at the general public wishing to find agricultural products near their home, their workplace or their vacation rental in the Hauts-de-France region.

How will your project help promote the gastronomy of the Hauts-de-France region?

For the past few years, there has been a particular interest in the origin of essential products, accompanied by a desire to “consume locally” through short circuits and proximity. In parallel, the diffusion of digital technology to the general public has accelerated in recent years. Today, the French have access to adequate quality equipment and a high level of Internet usage. 

Based on these observations, the Hauts-de-France Region wanted to provide its citizens with an easily accessible tool to help them find local products. The Oùacheterlocal website is in line with these trends since it references, online, the producers of Hauts-de-France in short circuits, their productions and their points of sale, thus allowing access to complete and regularly updated information. The Internet user can then search either by product category or by geolocation. They can also find news related to local food circuits, developed by the territories and farmers’ networks, a “Producers in the spotlight” section as well as a calendar of seasonal products. 

Also, we often hear that “to make good food, you need good products”. The Hauts-de-France region is rich in an immense gastronomic palette. The traditional Maroilles, locally brewed beers, endives cooked in all their forms, the typicality of the capuchin beard, among others, are all dishes that characterize our region and found our gastronomic cultural identity. Who better than the farmers to offer quality products and bring the gastronomy of Hauts-de-France to life?

By Hauts-de-France Promotion Committee

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